Cabin Layout

This is a basic schematic of the Retreat Cabins (including the location of stairs by the Kitchenette). (Note: there are a few mistakes that will be addressed in a future version)

Each Retreat Cabin has 6 sleeping rooms, each with 5 beds (2 bunk beds and 1 single twin bed). The rooms have sliding doors into the common space, as well as sliding doors connecting adjacent rooms.

All 3 Retreat Cabins have interior fireplaces in a spacious common room; kitchenettes with refrigerator, freezer, and sink; indoor restrooms with 3 showers in each one; and a covered porch that runs the width of the cabin.

Retreat Cabins 1 & 2 have an upstairs loft over the bathrooms and kitchenette that spans the width of the cabin.

For Those who are camping you must provide your own camping gear.